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If you were searching for finding a solution to your problems, I am glad that you are here today!
Every problem has a solution and what could be better than the Divine's Helping Hand himself! 

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Healing is much more than a profession to me.. Its been a journey into the insight, an exploration of the vast universe that lies within each one of us.. at times, there is a feeling of knowing it all..at other times, there is a vaccum..the passion for holistic and scientific methods to fuse science and spirituality started it all and have made me devote over 35 years into meditative sciences.

One of the main healing systems I use is Usui Reiki. Over the years, I have explored and utilized various methods for healing. Depending upon the type of problem, I employ one or more methods to cure.

I am an energy healer, insight meditator, psychic analyst, crystal therapist, and an astrologer.

I do not practice rituals and work only with pure universal divine energy to heal people with any type of medical or psychological issues. 

My solutions are practical, result-oriented, and doable. I look up to the Creator for guidance, who in my opinion is an unconditional source of love and protection; the one who is formless and shapeless; does not need an evidence of devotion and is pure light. 

God is the ultimate healer and I am a mere channel of healing