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Meeting with Shamma Khare and her team is with prior appointment. To schedule an appointment, call: 9811961080/8130905801

 Consultation (Single Session + 1 Follow up): 1100/-

 Counselling (Single Session + 2 Follow ups): 2100/-

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Healing/Recovery ServicesHealing DurationFee
Addictions (Alcohol/ Drugs/ Porn) / OCD1 month11000/-
Business Issues/ Financial Problems1 month15000/-

Career Issues (Growth/Stability/ Job Success)

1 month15000/-
Child Behavior Issues15 days7000/-
Chakra and Aura Cleansing3 days3000/-
House/ Workplace Clearing1 month11000/-
Infertility and Reproductive Disorders1 month11000/- pm
Litigation/Court Cases40 days15000/-
Find the Right Partner/ Matrimonial Alliance1 month11000/-
Energy Management 7 days5000/-
Relationship Issues (Partner/Society/Family/Work)1 month11000/- pm
Specific Ailment/ Disease Management1 month11000/- pm
Stress/Anger Management15 days7000/-