Monthly Training Schedule

1st Saturday/Sunday: Reiki Level 1

2nd Saturday: Reiki Level 2


Teaching Programs

My teaching method is traditional, and one-on-one for initial levels. This helps me provide individual attention to initiates and work towards developing their energy systems. I help initiates to understand the full potential of the healing science and realize its benefits in our daily lives, the way it is designed to be. 

USUI REIKI: LEVEL 1 (Two Day Intensive Workshop of 3 Hours Each)
Reiki: Introduction and Scientific Explanation
Origin and Rediscovery by Dr. Mikao Usui
Reiki Levels and Expectations with each Level
The Five Principles
The Prayer of Gratitude
Basics of Chakras and Energy Systems
Chakra Cleaning and Energizing Meditation
Body Cleaning and Energizing Meditation: 27 Hand Positions
Grounding Techniques and Removal of Residual Energy
Aura Cleaning
Reiki Power Ball Meditation
Reiki LEVEL 1 Attunement

USUI REIKI: LEVEL 2 (One Day Workshop of 4 Hours)

Introduction to the 3 Symbols and their Meaning
Using the Reiki symbols to Heal
Distance Healing Technique
Personal Healing Technique
Group Healing Technique
Reiki Wish Box
Protection Chamber
Reiki LEVEL 2 Attunement

USUI REIKI: LEVEL 3A (One Day Workshop of 4 Hours)

Introduction to the Master Symbol and its Meaning
Using the Master symbol to Heal
Master Symbol Meditation 
Psychic Surgery
Goal Manifestations
Reiki LEVEL 3A Attunement

USUI REIKI: LEVEL 3B (One Day Workshop of 4 Hours) 

Revisiting the Meditations of Level 1, 2, and 3A
Introduction to Anthakarna
Healing Methods
Japanese Meditation Techniques
Procedure of Attunement for Level 1, 2, and 3A

Karuna REIKI: LEVEL 1 (One Day Workshop of 3 Hours) 

Introduction to Karuna Reiki
Karuna Level 1 Symbols: Meaning and Usage
Meditation Techniques
Karuna Level 1 Attunement

Karuna REIKI: LEVEL 2 (One Day Workshop of 3 Hours) 

Karuna Level 2 Symbols: Meaning and Usage
Meditation Techniques
Healing Methods
Karuna Level 2 Attunement

Crystal REIKI: One Day Workshop of 3 Hours

Introduction to Crystals and its uses
Crystal Cleansing Techniques
Crystal Charging Techniques
Crystal Programming Techniques
Crystal Healing Grids